Belief Systems Classification… Shitty You Say?

I recently came across a very funny (to me at least) or naughty  and inappropriate (to some, maybe?) classification of various religions in today’s world.

It’s our human nature as well as our linguistic aptitude to describe something in as little words as possible and still convey the meaning or the main gist of the subject. Is it laziness? Or a gift, maybe, who knows? But regardless, it leads sometimes  to a spectacularly funny and accurate results.

This one uses perhaps the most common word in today’s pop culture. “Shit” can be used anywhere and describe everything, trust me, I use it very often…

This classification actually becomes even more funny if you google the core belief of each religion. The simple word “shit” really gets to the point!

Shitty Belief Systems

Taoism: shit happens
Hinduism: this shit happened before
Islam: blow shit up
Catholicism: if shit happens, I deserved it
Judaism: why does shit always happen to me?
Buddhism: it is the illusion of shit happening
Atheism: no shit
Agnosticism: there may or may not be shit
Puritanism: shit won’t happen if I work harder
Jainism: don’t harm the shit
Rastafarian: smoke that shit
Baptist: shit happens, praise the Lord!
Pentecostal: talk shit
Nietzsche: become the shit
Calvinism: shit happens and you can’t stop it
Polytheism: so much shit I lost count

HOLY SHIT, this is brilliant!

à propos, here’s where smoking weed got bad rap!


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