Belief Systems Classification… Shitty You Say?

I recently came across a very funny (to me at least) or naughty  and inappropriate (to some, maybe?) classification of various religions in today’s world.

It’s our human nature as well as our linguistic aptitude to describe something in as little words as possible and still convey the meaning or the main gist of the subject. Is it laziness? Or a gift, maybe, who knows? But regardless, it leads sometimes  to a spectacularly funny and accurate results. Continue reading “Belief Systems Classification… Shitty You Say?”

Why did God give me nipples?

I am a student of the Bible, although not versed in it that much, yet.
But at least I’m trying to understand it better, because of the claims of Christians that this book is a ”WORD of God: and “it is HIS book”. So, I want to take their belief in that God is omniscient, meaning he possesses perfect knowledge and that he has infinite wisdom , he truly knows best, therefore he makes NO MISTAKES. Continue reading “Why did God give me nipples?”